Alternatives to Hazing

Hazers normally cite many rationales for hazing. Please let the following provide alternatives that achieve the same objectives of these organizations WITHOUT hazing.


Fostering Unity

  • Have the members of your group/organization work together on a community service project.
    • Need help finding ideas on projects or who to help? The KU Center for Community Outreach is there to help! 
  • Visit the Adams Campus Challenge Course provided by KU Recreation Services. The challenge course is designed to build leadership skills, improve problem-solving, and build trust/communication in groups.
  • In fraternities and sororities with chapter houses, the entire group might work together on a chapter room improvement project. 
  • Work together to plan a social, philanthropic, or athletic event with another group.


Develop Problem-Solving Abilities & Build Buy-In Within the Group

  • Discuss the organization's weaknesses such as poor recruitment, apathy, and poor solutions. Then plan solutions that the organizations might then adopt. 
  • Create case studies for all members of the organization that attributes to the growth of the organization and it's members.

Develop Leadership Skills

  • Encourage participation in school campus activities outside of the organization.
  • Encourage new members to get involved in organizational committees and/or leadership roles. For more info reach out to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center staff or visit their website.
  • Develop a peer mentor program within your group for leadership roles. 
  • Invite school/community/business leaders/alumni into the organization to share their experiences.

Instill a Sense of Membership

  • Plan special events when the entire organization gets together to attend a movie, play, religious service, or KU sporting event. 
  • Plan a "membership circle" when current and new members participate in a candlelight service in which each person has a chance to express what membership means to them. 

Promote Scholarship

  • Take advantage of KU's academic college/university academic and tutoring services. The Academic Achievement & Access Center provides tutoring for a multitude of courses. 
  • Designate study hours for members of your organization. 
  • Invite college/university or community experts to discuss test-taking skills, study methods, time management, etc.

Build Awareness of the Organization's HIstory

  • Invite an older member (an alum) to talk about the organization's early days, it's founding, special chapter traditions, and prominent former members. 

Aid Career Goals

  • Use college resources or seminars on resume writing, job interview skills, and/or job readiness skills. 

Involve Members in the Community

  • Get involved with campus and community service projects. 
  • Plan fundraisers for local charitable organizations. 

Improve Relations with Other Organizations

  • Encourage new members to plan social or service projects with other new members of organizations. 
  • Work together to plan joint social or service activities. 


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Report an Incident

To report an incident, fill out the Incident Report Form.

Request a Presentation

To request a presentation about hazing, risk management, recruitment or other topics, fill out the Request a Presentation Form.

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