• Amnesty Policy: Link to the policy regarding students seeking help for others who are experiencing an alcohol or drug related emergency will not face disiplinary action nor will the student receiving any care for the emergency. 
  • Annual Security Report: Includes information about public safety, crime statistics, and campus resources.
  • Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities: Link to a page with the full Code and additional policies.
  • Crime Reporting Policy: Explains the expectation all employees and affiliates report to appropriate law enforcement agencies certain known or suspected criminal actions committed by or perpetrated against anyone in the KU community when such suspected actions occur on property owned or operated by the University or in conjunction with a University-sponsored event or activity. This includes child abuse.
  • Student Conduct Certification: For students applying to a graduate school, professional program, or for employment that requires a Student Conduct or Dean's Certificate form that documents your student conduct/disciplinary record at KU

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards at the University of Kansas strives to educate and empower students and stakeholders. Please use the following resource sheets to promote the further education of yourself and others. 

Report an Incident

To report an incident, fill out the Incident Report Form.

Request a Presentation

To request a presentation about hazing, risk management, recruitment or other topics, fill out the Request a Presentation Form.

Stay safe, wear your mask, and remember to wash your hands!