What KU Does to Prevent Hazing?

  •   KU provides a comprehensive hazing information site.
  •   Each hazing allegation is investigated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Success.
  •   KU allows for anonymous and confidential reporting of hazing.
  •   Each woman participating in sorority recruitment receives this information during Orientation the day before recruitment events begin, it is also on the PHA     website under Recruitment FAQs.
  •   Each man participating in formal fraternity recruitment receives this information during recruitment orientation the day recruitment events begin, and it is also on the IFC website under Recruitment FAQ’s.
  •   It is the responsibility of every chapter in the four Greek Governing Councils to submit a copy of an agenda or minutes from a meeting or educational program which outlines that they have discussed the University, Council, National Headquarters and state/federal Anti Hazing policies with their chapter each Fall Semester. Chapters must also educate their members on their respective councils Risk Management Policies.  They can be done at the same meeting.  All members must sign a sheet stating that they have seen and understand these policies. Resources with the information on these policies can be found at KU's Greek Life Organizations.
  •   Greek Alumni and Greek Life staff sponsored programming within first two weeks of fall semester about risky behavior, and negative cultural/traditional behaviors.  Some years there is a direct focus on hazing education. Some years it is wrapped into a broader message about values incongruence, being out of alignment with stated purpose of these organizations.
  •   The Sports Club and Intramural Clubs include hazing prevention information in their registration materials and information.
  •   KU Athletics, Inc. provides every student athlete with information on hazing.
  •   The All Scholarship Hall Council provides a training session on risk management for the scholarship hall executive boards each fall; all hall presidents are asked to attend.

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