KU Protest Considerations

KU supports the rights of its students to engage in orderly and peaceful protest. Discussion and expression of all views are permitted within the University, subject only to the Board of Regents and University policy requirements for the maintenance of order. KU encourages all students to review the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities for more detailed information.

This guide outlines important points for student and student organizations regarding engagement in protest activities, demonstrations, or other similar events. Knowledge of student rights is essential for safe and productive demonstrations. Student Conduct and Community Standards can help students and student organizations ensure their planned activities comply with university policy and support community safety. 

Take Five: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities Considerations

As a KU student, you are afforded rights to share your opinion and protest. You can:

  1. Engage in free inquiry, expression, assembly
  2. Express your views in all forms of communication, including distributing written material
  3. Support any cause by orderly and peaceful means
  4. Participate in peaceful picketing and orderly demonstrations in public areas
  5. Invite and hear speakers of your choosing, as well as protest the appearance of any speaker


As a KU student, you have a responsibility to care for your community. You cannot:

  1. Disrupt university operations, including blocking entrances or exits to campus spaces.
  2. Damage university property or property belonging to others.
  3. Interfere with others’ ability to express their opinions and learn about topics of their choosing.
  4. Cause harm to others, engage in threatening behaviors, or invite violence in any way.
  5. Access spaces within the university you are not allowed to access

Violations of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students who violate the Code will engage in a disciplinary process in accordance with the university’s non-academic misconduct procedures. Demonstrations in or on the grounds of KU Student Housing facilities are subject to policies as outlined in the housing handbook. For more information, refer to the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities or contact SCCS at kusccs@ku.edu.