The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs is responsible for acting on behalf of the University in matters of non-academic conduct; such as hazing and sexual harassment, in order to determine how best to resolve these allegations consistent with the goals and mission of the University as an educational and intellectual community. The office also provides education, training and prevention programs to the University community about student conduct issues.


Student Affairs at the University of Kansas provides services and programs that are essential to the intellectual, cultural, physical, social and moral development of students. Student Affairs encourages students to realize their potential as individuals and as prepared, enlightened, responsible members of an increasingly complex and diverse global society. As a partner in the educational process at a comprehensive research and teaching university, Student Affairs is vital to the institution's mission to serve as a center for learning, scholarship and creative endeavor.


Student Affairs collaborates with the KU community to uphold the KU Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and achieve the following goals:

  • To assist students in examining and developing their beliefs and values.
  • To assist students in understanding their rights, responsibilities and opportunities.
  • To foster broad student involvement and participation in University life.
  • To counsel students confronted with academic and personal challenges, teaching them the strategies required for progress and success.
  • To provide opportunities for leadership and service on campus and in the community.

Report an Incident

To report an incident, fill out the Incident Report Form.

Request a Presentation

To request a presentation about hazing, risk management, recruitment or other topics, fill out the Request a Presentation Form.