Jayhawk Values

The Jayhawk Values logo which includes the values of unity, innovation, inclusion, and engagement.

What are the Jayhawk Values?

The community at the University of Kansas, rooted in integrity, is a body of scholars, educators, and engaged minds devoted to learning, scholarship, and creative endeavor. As Jayhawks, we are committed to a set of core values.

Jayhawk statue in front of Strong Hall

As a Jayhawk...

We will actively foster unity. A community based in tradition and continually growing through healthy relationships and effective communication.
We will strive for innovation, using our education to find new and creative solutions to the problems facing our campus, our community, and the world.
We will advocate for inclusion, respecting all Jayhawks are unique and have their own personal stories while cultivating a safe community rooted in equity and justice.
We will value engagement, taking responsibility inside and outside of the classroom to be active members of the global community.

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities