Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (or "the Code" as it is more often referred to) outlines the rights of students and many of the standards of conduct (responsibilities) and expected and values honored by the University of Kansas community. The Code is bi-annually reviewed by the Rights Committee of the university's Student Senate. The community standards set forth in The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities contribute to the best environment for students to live and learn. The enforcement of community standards allows KU to maintain and strengthen the ethical climate on campus and to promote the academic integrity of the University. Our goal in administering the non-academic misconduct process has education at the forefront.

Full Copy of the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities

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Student Housing Handbook

Many students live in KU Student Housing, and abide by an additional set of rules/policies according to the Student Housing Handbook.

Housing Handbook

KU Alcohol & Drug Policy

The University of Kansas prohibits the unlawful possession, use, manufacture, purchase, or distribution of alcohol or drugs, or any attempt thereof, by students or by employees on its property or as part of its activities.