Goals & Learning Outcomes

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Student Learning Outcomes

Students who utilize or interact with services and programs provided by Student Conduct and Community Standards will be able to:

Describe the campus and community expectations for behavior.

Apply campus and community expectations for their behavior in their interaction with the community.

Evaluate the congruence between their personal and community values.

Explain how their actions (including the use of alcohol and drugs) impact their academic success at KU, other students in the community, and members of the larger KU/Lawrence community.


Student Affairs collaborates with the KU community to uphold the KU Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and achieve the following goals:

To assist students in examining and developing their beliefs and values.

To assist students in understanding their rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

To foster broad student involvement and participation in University life.

To counsel students confronted with academic and personal challenges, teaching them the strategies required for progress and success.

To provide opportunities for leadership and service on campus and in the community.