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Hazing Prevention at KU

Hazing has historically existed in organizations such as fraternities, sororities, athletic clubs/teams, and band. The University of Kansas seeks to provide information, support, and alternatives to these activities to members of these groups.

What is Hazing?

Hazing is defined at KU under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities Section VI, A, 9 as:

Students are expected to show positive regard for each other and for the community. Behavior that violates the core value of Respect includes, but is not limited to: Hazing- 

Engaging in hazing of another person for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, or continuation of membership in any organization operating under the sanction of the University.  Hazing includes, but is not limited to, any action, activity or situation which recklessly, negligently or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health, welfare or safety of a person, creates excessive fatigue, sleep deprivation, mental or physical discomfort, exposes a person to extreme embarrassment or ridicule, involves personal servitude, destroys or removes public or private property, or implicitly or explicitly interferes with the academic requirements or responsibilities of a student.  It is presumed that hazing is a forced activity regardless of the apparent willingness of an individual to participate in the activity. Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of hazing is not neutral; both are violations of this rule.

Hazing Statistics

students involved in social fraternities or sororities experienced behaviors meeting the definition of hazing in order to join or maintain membership in their group.
students involved in varsity athletics programs experienced behaviors meeting the definition of hazing in order to join or maintain membership on their team.
of students have experienced hazing prior to coming to college.

Alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep-deprivation, and sex acts are hazing practices common across student groups.

Stop Hazing at KU

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If you know of hazing at the University of Kansas, please take time to fill out the report. You may also submit it anonymously.
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